Content is the king, they say!

But are all kings the same?

Some fall in one day, while others rule for decades.

If you want to dictate the SERP for long and leave your competitors miles behind, you need intent-full, trust-building content, with advanced data-driven SEOptimization.

It's detailed, organized, and the writing style is good. Really fair pricing too!
Ben Adler
Founder, Keyword Chef
Their best selling point? Being really good at Surfer optimization.
Tomasz Niezgoda
Partner, Surfer
Extremely well written! Finally, I can stop writing my own content.
David Moffatt
Author, Behaviour Before Math

We write, almost everything!

Our writers create engaging content that speaks to your audience and gets them excited about what you have to offer. We know how frustrating it can be when your site isn’t performing well even after spending thousands. With years of experience in web content and internet marketing, content that has to do with call-to-action and brings you money is our strength.

Product Descriptions

Web Copy

service pages

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Product Reviews

SEO Articles

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'How We Do' makes us stand out!

At DOPE Writers, we offer content writing services that help build trust and drive intent for your business. You have our expertise and brainwork within the service. It is NOT just about writing! We are unlike those agencies who don’t live up to their marketing! You will soon call us the ‘SEO guys with writing calibers’ once you get to taste our outputs!

Assessing Search Intent
and Evaluating Keywords

We get to know which awareness stage the audience is in to ensure we serve the right search intent.

Analyzing search volume, user intent, SERP difficulty, and relevance, we create a combo of ‘head’ and ‘long-tail’ keywords to use in the content.

Creating SERP-based
Outline for Content

We do a rigorous analysis of the top-ranking pages on SERP to estimate the range of information and develop the form of content for your article.

With a well-planned outline, content gaps are so not gonna happen. Hence, you get to step ahead of your competitors!

Calculating Content Length and Usage of Phrases

Ever heard of the mathematical approach to keyword density? There’s no golden rule to determine your content length, keyword density, and use of phrases.

Herein, we figure out the correct numbers by analyzing your top competitors.

Writing According to
Content Plan

Our writers tailor your content with a captivating title, perfect meta tag, and high content score  – all in line with the SEO-heavy content outline we made earlier.

Our editors will then check the entire content for quality compliance to end this phase.

360° Editing and
Delivery or Publishing

Running a copy-check using Copyscape Premium and ensuring a certain score for our custom Grammarly preset, we finally pass the article your way.

If you want, our VAs can also post the article for you with your CMS for FREE as a complimentary courtesy.

Go ahead, take your pick!

The first is our signature content writing service. The second or middle is the same but paired with SurferSEO optimization. Lastly, you have our 360-degree editing service.











Get the best in SERP, always!

Share with us your expectation from the content, and we will create the strategies for you. Our outputs meet a 70 to 90 content score on SurferSEO, which should surpass the highest-scoring content among the top-ranking pages. Hence, a major ranking factor is in your favor already!

Hand-picked writers

Our well-trained, devoted, niche-specific writers from all around the world teamed up with in-house editors deliver nothing but impeccable writing. Your content is in good hands!

On-Page Ready

Our contents are both catered to user intent and rigorously optimized. So, you have more credible articles to rank and make money when it matters. Step ahead of your competitors.

Competitive Price

You get what you pay for, but not anymore! Every time you make an order on DOPE Writers, you deserve a bit extra. As for our competitors? Huh, we're beating them all!

Flawless Content

When we say "flawless," we mean it. We are the ruthless rascals who are obsessed with quality works. No getting away with mediocre services; rather, we create win-win stitches.

Fast Turnaround

Want high-quality and high-volume content at the same time? Consider it done within jaw-dropping, short turnaround time. The team is ready to die for meeting your deadlines.

Custom Tailored

Yeah, we know you may have your own inspiration for content. Just let us know how you want to get the job done and watch us synchronize. Your say matters!

What keeps us inspired?

These testimonials motivate us to cater concise, compelling, and consistent content for our clients! See what content marketers around the world, including some industry experts, have to say about DOPE Writers…

Extremely well written! Finally, I can stop writing my own content.
David Moffatt
Author, Behaviour Before Math
Their best selling point? Being really good at Surfer optimization.
Tomasz Niezgoda
Co-founder, Surfer
As a returning client, I'm really happy with their quality service. Wish they can do a lot better in near future. A very professional and helpful content service provider.
Angel G.
Amazon Associate
Surpassed my expectation, actually. I outsourced content from DOPE Writers a couple of times and those were both on-page ready and error-free. No complaints till now.
All the content they delivered performed remarkably well for my projects. Once you try their service, won't think of trying others. Referred many of my friends here.
Niche Site Owner
It's detailed, organized, and the writing style is good. Really fair pricing too!
Ben Adler
Founder, Keyword Chef
Writing content sucks and I'm glad I hired DOPE Writers because they do exactly what is required.
Rylan Shawn
Serial Entrepreneur
A very up to the par writing service. Articles were perfect for my niche site. I've been ordering for months and will be happy to order again.
Trent A.
Amazon Associate
Winsome price. Always delivered high volume and consistent quality articles. Never had to worry about revisions. Dependable!
Niche Site Owner
For me, a one-stop place to order. Provided well-researched and in-depth outputs. Extremely well-written. DOPE all the way!
Paul S.
Senior Programmar

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find your question here? Send us a message for a quick response!

Click on the content plan (i.e; SOLID or SURFER) you want to go with! You’ll be redirected to our portal where you can make an order within a minute!
Information Required for the Order
For informative or blog-type articles, just the main topic or focus keyword paired with your expected article length will be enough. The rest is on us!
However, you may additionally assist us with other keywords, topical headers, article reference(s) as example(s) of the voice, style, tone, and formatting that you want in your piece.
For product or service review content, we highly appreciate it if you provide us the links(to the products or services page). In case you don’t, we’ll deal with it anyway.
We take LIMITED ORDERS per month for uncompromised quality assurance! Sometimes, we may have to keep your order(s) in the queue which will extend the regular TAT.
But worry not! Our ChatSupport agent will always inform you about the TAT upfront.
In general, we can deliver within 7 days for orders up to 20000 words in a single invoice.
However, the TAT depends on your order volume, and the niche(s). We make sure our wordsmiths are niche-wise available for the topics, meaning we prefer writers who are already familiar with your niche(s).
We would love to if we could. The team works really hard on projects, and the rates are already too reasonable to afford any added discounts.
Flat rate, always – this is part of our operating codes. However, we may sometimes give out coupons on rare occasions.

Sure as heck, we can! Just send us over one or more example URL(s) or file(s) with your content instruction. We will make sure the synch is there!

Why not! Just remember to share your calendar with our team when you reach out. We’ll make sure we’re on the scene on time, every time.

Payments for all orders have to be paid upfront. You can pay through our Stripe payment gateway while making your order using your Visa, Mastercard, or via any other method. We also accept Payoneer, Wise, and local bank transfer payments for your convenience.
If you want to make the order after contacting us via e-mail or DOPE Writers Facebook page, after checking into your content instruction file, we will send you an invoice. Upon receiving the invoice, you will make the payment.
We usually deliver your content(s) in Microsoft Word format via e-mail and our dedicated client portal.
In case you want the deliveries done using other platforms of your preference, simply let us know.
Our growing client base consists of mostly niche site owners or affiliate marketers. That said, we specialize in any form of web content. Our wordsmiths have the know-how to create content that will engage even the most cynical audiences.
We can even undertake research-heavy topics such as health and nutrition, economy, psychology, and law with ease. [We will be taking a little guidance from domain experts in this case as our writers might not be the subject-matter experts themselves.]
On a side note, we don’t write for a few topics following our ethical compliance;
  • Gambling
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Adult content
  • Illegal activity
*DOPE Writers may add, modify, remove, or change the topics on this list any time without any prior notice, and refuse content orders without any incrimination at all.
Our wordsmiths come from different nationalities. We have a cosmopolitan culture at our writers’ den.
DW only cares about dedication, English mastery, research skills, and consistency in people as a content writing agency. We don’t sell people; we craft compelling content that makes you stand out and keeps your audience hooked.
You want to see the flawless, high-converting written piece, not the guy who wrote it. Right?
Starting from the research to adding finesse, our wordsmiths do everything from scratch.
After running a plagiarism check on Copyscape Premium, our in-house editors thoroughly proofread each and every content without using any tool or software.
Finally, we make sure your content scores between 80 and 90 on our customized Preset in Grammarly Premium.
Yes, we charge 19$/1000 words for editing your existing content. The service includes basic editing such as proofreading, language corrections, on-page optimization, and formatting to fact-checking. You’ll find the service right here!

Y-O-U. We operate as ghostwriters, so the content stays with you under your name. If you want us to sign an NDA, we are readily waiting to tick mark your conditions.

We have a 15-day money-back guarantee policy in place, so you can demand your refund if things are not what you expected. For whatever reason, if you don’t like the content, you can get a full refund up to 15 days after receiving it!
This is our way of assuring that every customer’s satisfaction level will be met by us here at DOPE Writers!
However, make sure to check out all preconditions before requesting your full reimbursement under such terms as these.
This depends on your convenience. But our general practice is to deliver in one shot if the order volume is less than 10,000 words.
For orders above 10,000 words, we have them sent in batches.

your content is a streamlined teamwork of

+ writers

+ editors

+ SEO experts


Ovi S.
Founder and CEO,
DOPE Writers

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Our signature content service, the SOLID plan serves readers’ interests and contributes to better search experiences. Carefully crafted content that resonates with your audience, and at the same time, steps ahead on the SERP.

Things have changed big time with the entry of SurferSEO, the present and future of on-page optimization. That said, SURFER is just an upgrade of our signature SOLID plan. Rule the SERP leaving your competitors miles behind.